All year round in
H.C. Andersen’s Odense


The Flower stretched itself and extended itself against the thin shell. It burst forth beneath the snow, with a white and green bud on its green stalk. The snow was cold, but light radiated down into it, making it quite easy to break through; and here now the Sunbeam streamed down with greater strength than before.


In the midst of the most beautiful green grass beside a ditch, there grew a little daisy. She was as happy as if this were a grand holiday, and she looked up at the warm sun and listened to the lark singing high in the sky…


“I think,” said the Wind, “that these stories should stop. The Sunshine has talked long enough, and I am very bored.”
“So am I,” said the Rain


The frost set in hard, but when the sun rose, what a beautiful sight it was! The trees and bushes were covered with hoarfrost and looked like a forest of white coral, while every twig seemed smothered with glittering white flowers.

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Visit a village from Hans Christian Andersen’s day

Visit a village from Hans Christian Andersen’s day

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